A High-Asset Divorce Is Rarely Simple

Navigating a divorce is often a complex process. When there are significant financial positions involved, arriving at a settlement can be especially arduous. If you are entering a high-asset divorce, the advocacy of a seasoned divorce attorney can be of considerable aid.

At our firm, Newsome O'Donnell, LLC, we boast an experienced team of family law attorneys. Our lawyers are well-versed in high-asset cases, and we recognize that major financial implications can greatly complicate a divorce. If you need the services of a high-asset divorce attorney in Morristown, our firm is prepared to work with you.

A Variety Of Assets May Be Eligible For Division

When an affluent couple divorces, there can be an extensive assortment of assets at stake. Uncommon or high-value assets can call for an attorney who is familiar with more nuanced holdings. Our firm can assist you in negotiating the division of several financial items, including:

  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Real estate
  • Royalties
  • Offshore accounts
  • Retirement funds
  • Executive bonuses

As these types of proceedings can have heightened consequences, it is not unusual for stress levels to be high. We understand that a divorce is an emotionally difficult experience, and we take a caring and committed approach to each case that we take on.

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