An International Child Custody Dispute Can Call For Experienced Assistance

When there are children involved, a divorce can become complicated. Matters of custody and visitation may turn contentious, particularly if one parent decides to relocate. Should your former spouse choose to leave the country with your child, you may be justifiably aggrieved, as well as uncertain about how international laws apply to your situation.

A lawyer familiar with international child custody disputes can help. At our firm, Newsome O'Donnell, LLC, we boast a team of seasoned family law attorneys who can help you navigate this complex scenario. We have extensive experience in aiding parents in the Morristown area as they seek to return their children home, and we can help you in your fight as well.

There Are Remedies Available For Returning A Child To The United States

If your ex-spouse has absconded with your child to another country, there are judicial mechanisms in place that can help. The Hague Convention — an international treaty specifically tailored to stymie abduction and illegal adoption — does offer pathways for returning your son or daughter to the United States. This remedy can be of use if:

  • You can successfully petition a local court to invoke the convention
  • The country of the parent's residence is also a signatory to the treaty
  • You can prove that your child was wrongfully removed from the United States

International child custody disputes can be uniquely complex family law issues. If you have found yourself amid such a matter, it is paramount that you consult with an attorney who has applicable experience. At Newsome O'Donnell, LLC, our attorneys understand the intricacies of these cases, and we offer our clients committed and knowledgeable advocacy.

Our Lawyers Can Help You Through This Trying Ordeal

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