A Legal Separation Can Offer Practical Benefits

The dissolution of a marriage can be an especially trying time. No one ever gets married with the notion that their union will someday end, and when a relationship is no longer workable emotions can run high. While divorce is the most commonly utilized exit strategy, in some cases it is not the most practical option. Legal separation can present a viable alternative.

We can help individuals in the Morristown area as they proceed with a legal separation. At our firm, Newsome O'Donnell, LLC, we understand that there are often financial or religious reasons to avoid a divorce or annulment. If a possible reconciliation is in the future, a legal separation can also make sense. No matter what your situation may be, our attorneys can help.

The Help You Need During A Difficult Time

The state of New Jersey does not have a formal law that recognizes the legal separation of married couples. However, couples can still separate, and the most common course of action for doing so is to negotiate a settlement. A settlement will provide for many of the same topics as a divorce, including:

While a legal separation does not officially end a marriage, the negotiation of a settlement can be a complex process. A lawyer who is adept in this area of family law can prove to be a valuable asset. Our firm has extensive experience in assisting clients through the separation process, and we are also prepared to go to court should a spouse violate a settlement agreement.

Our Firm Is Ready To Start Working For You

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