Have You Considered Mediation Or Arbitration?

Taking your spouse to divorce court is usually not the best way to resolve disputes. Often, working out an acceptable resolution through alternative processes such as mediation or arbitration will be more effective in terms of financial and emotional costs.

At Newsome O'Donnell, LLC, the attorneys will work diligently as mediators to help you reach a fair and expeditious settlement, eliminating the need for protracted and expensive litigation. Lynn Fontaine Newsome and Ed O'Donnell are both certified matrimonial attorneys and court-approved mediators.

Ed O'Donnell is also certified as a family law arbitrator by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, an approved American Bar Association organization. Each one of them has acted in a leadership role within the legal community and brings these skills to his or her work in alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Helping You Understand Mediation

Mediation is more than just sitting across the table and negotiating. Formal mediation is presided over by a neutral mediator who works with the parties to find common ground and resolve conflicts regarding how to separate the parties' lives, assets and finances. You work with your attorney to determine the give-and-take required for an equitable outcome. When both parties have come to an agreement, the settlement proceeds to a judge for "adjudication" to make sure everything meets legal standards. The mediated settlement is not formally approved as a final judgment until the judge approves it and both parties agree in writing.

New Jersey requires mandatory mediation for economic and child custody issues. However, you and your spouse can elect to participate in mediation at any time during the pendency of your matter.

Providing Family Law Arbitration Services

An arbitration proceeding is similar to going before a judge. An arbitrator is a neutral individual retained by the parties who will listen to arguments and evidence from each side and make decisions based on the law. Parties can agree beforehand whether the decisions will be binding and not subject to appeal.

Giving You More Control Over Life-Changing Decisions

Mediation permits you and your spouse to have more control over your individual and combined futures. The opportunity to sit down and work things out may prove to be the best way for the two of you to resolve your differences regarding your divorce and move forward more quickly.

At Newsome O'Donnell, LLC, Morris County divorce attorneys can handle your mediation or arbitration by representing you as your lawyer during the session, or as the mediator or arbitrator for your session. Our team uses the same skills of listening, thinking and solving problems in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as it does in standard negotiation and litigation.

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