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Remember: Child support and visitation orders are separate

When a noncustodial parent has been ordered to pay child support but is failing to do so, the custodial parent might be tempted to deny the other parent's visitation time. But parents in New Jersey should keep in mind that child support orders and child custody orders are separate. While one parent could get into legal trouble for failing to pay child support, the custodial parent could also face serious legal ramifications for denying visitation.

Are you aware of all of your marital property?

When a couple gets married, their individual personalities and interests often lead them to take on separate duties in the relationship. Maybe one spouse handles most of the cooking and household maintenance, while the other spouse transports the kids to and from school and handles the financial matters such as investments and bank accounts.

Actor's ex-wife looking for $90K in monthly child support

It can be fascinating for New Jersey residents to follow the public lives of actors, singers and other entertainers. Proximity to the Big Apple and the glamorous lifestyles of the rich and famous makes it even easier. But the reality is that celebrities have marriages that fail, child support to pay and futures to consider, just like everyone else whose family plans fall apart.

Keeping a level head during divorce can reduce costs

For many New Jersey couples, divorce can be an emotional time. Heated discussions as part of a divorce negotiation can lead to unplanned and emotion-led actions. According to experts, if you can stay level-headed when making divorce-related decisions, you're likely to see a better outcome and reduce overall legal expenses.

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