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The value of a prenuptial agreement

When a couple is about to get married, divorce is probably the last thing they are thinking about. However, divorce is a possibility, and a prenuptial agreement might make it less complicated. Most people assume that prenups are for the wealthy, but New Jersey residents might be surprised to learn that these agreements benefit all couples.

Reasons New Jersey women may ask for a divorce

A study entitled "How Couples Meet and Stay Together" determined that women were more likely to ask for a divorce. However, if a couple was living together and not married, each gender was just as likely to ask to end the relationship. Researchers asked 2,262 adults about their relationship status between 2009 and 2015 and found that 69 percent of married women initiated divorce proceedings compared to 31 percent of men. The results of the study were discussed at a meeting of the American Sociological Association.

Jurisdiction issues in child support modifications

Child support orders issued in New Jersey are subject to potential modification when a change in circumstances occurs. A common change in circumstances prompting a petition for modification of a child support order is a change in the financial situation of a parent, particularly the parent who is paying child support.

The initial consultation for a divorce

Spouses in New Jersey may benefit from understanding more about what to except with the initial consultation concerning a divorce. Gathering information and performing sufficient due diligence beforehand may be the most effective strategy for forming more accurate expectations. Before the initial consultation, staff at the law firm will perform a conflict check, an assessment used to identify any criteria that would prevent legal counsel from working for a particular client.

Claiming Social Security on an ex-spouse's work record

An ex-spouse may be entitled to receive retirement benefits based on the earnings of their former partner. However, the marriage must have lasted for 10 years or more for this to occur. New Jersey residents might view this as an excellent way to supplement their wages, but it is important to act strategically. It might be necessary to pay back some benefits if an earnings limit is exceeded when benefits are being received.

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