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Eligibility for a New Jersey domestic partnership

A domestic partnership is a legal relationship between two people that provides some, but not all, of the same benefits as a marriage. Domestic partnerships became an option for same-sex and opposite-sex couples after the Domestic Partnership Act was passed by the New Jersey legislature in 2004. When the Civil Union Act of 2007 was passed, domestic partnerships in that state were limited to couples at or over the age of 62.

How to handle co-parenting when one parent moves

For some New Jersey parents who have ended their marriage, a divorce does not put an end to their disagreements. One of the major issues that may arise in co-parenting is when one parent's move to be closer to a new partner disrupts the visitation schedule. The other parent may resent having to drive the child farther and may also dislike the new partner. The new partner may resent the other parent's attitude. The parent who moved might not have anticipated the additional time burden created by the commute to the new location.

Child support termination changes

Although children become legal adults at the age of 18, they do not necessarily emancipate from child support. In New Jersey, child support termination is usually decided on a case-by-case basis. This often depends on the young adult's situation and whether or not they are continuing to live with and be supported by the custodial parent after the age of 18. However, potential changes to the laws surrounding child support termination may be important for parents to consider as their children reach adulthood.

How to help kids during divorce

New Jersey parents who are in the process of separation and divorce might wonder how to support their children emotionally through this stage in their lives. While divorce is a very difficult moment for both adults and children, parents might need to seek the assistance of health professionals such as the children's pediatricians and psychologists.

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