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How understanding finances can improve a divorce settlement

People in New Jersey who are ending their marriage may be overwhelmed by the process and wait until after the divorce to try to get their finances in order, but this can be a mistake. By then, the damage may have been done by poor decisions related to the divorce settlement. By working with a financial adviser in the early stages, people can get a better understanding of their finances and make better decisions.

Statistics for marital status by age

Single and married individuals in New Jersey might be interested to learn about the marital status of people based on their age. The statistical categories are divided into never married, in their first marriage, widowed, separated, divorced and married more than once. The data is based on a 2013 individual census that was a part of the Integrated Public Microdata Sample project run by the Minnesota Population Center.

Financial protection during a divorce

Life after a divorce will be different than before the split, but it doesn't necessarily have to be scary. Even though finances will be affected, if certain steps are taken and prudent decisions are made during the negotiations, restarting life after the break-up of the marriage will hopefully mean that the person is not starting financially from scratch. New Jersey residents who are considering a divorce might be interested in learning about the things they can do to protect themselves financially.

How to help children through a divorce

No matter how well estranged New Jersey parents handle their divorce, their children involved may feel shocked, hurt, angry and betrayed. They may have many questions and worries, but experts say parents can do a lot to ease their transition by reassuring them of a few important things.

Some facts about prenuptial agreements

New Jersey residents who are planning to marry soon might be curious about the possibility of a prenuptial agreement but might not know where to start looking for information. This is the result of the stigma and misconceptions that often still accompany them, including that they are only for wealthy people and are not romantic. However, many experts believe that talking about such an agreement openly, even if the couple decides in the end not to enter into one, might actually be good for the relationship.

Divorced spouses may be eligible for Social Security benefits

People in New Jersey who are divorced or who are getting divorced may wonder how that divorce affects their Social Security benefits after retirement. If the couple was married for at least 10 years, then a lower-earning person may be eligible to receive Social Security benefits based on the ex-spouse's earnings records. The amount a divorced spouse can receive is up to 50 percent of the full amount that the other spouse would earn on reaching full retirement age.

Advanced preparation for future divorce filing

When New Jersey residents want to divorce, it is smart for them to prepare before they actually file. It is not uncommon for many people to rush to file for divorce shortly after the start of the new year. Instead of rushing, it is better to plan ahead in order to make things go more smoothly.

Divorce preparations for those who are happily married

The idea of planning ahead for divorce might seem odd to a New Jersey couple. However, the recognition that things could change in the future makes it prudent to pay close attention to financial issues from the beginning of a union. Even if divorce never becomes a reality, these factors are important for the financial health of a couple throughout their lives.

Why older folks are getting divorced in New Jersey

While the divorce rates are trending lower in many age groups, divorce among those who are over the age of 50 has increased significantly since 1990. This is according to research conducted at Bowling Green University, which shows that the rate of divorce in that age group doubled between 1990 and 2014. Dissolving a marriage after the age of 50 is known as a gray divorce, and there are several reasons why it is occurring.

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