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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Social media and divorce

When a New Jersey couple is facing the end of their marriage, emotions run high. In pre-Internet days, they would probably share their frustrations on the phone or in person with friends while socializing. Nowadays, however, many people keep in touch via social media accounts. This can be a game changer when it comes to processing emotions during the divorce process.

To stay or not to stay in a marriage

Most New Jersey couples don't walk down the aisle with the idea that their marriages will later end in divorce. It is understandable that deciding to divorce often involves people spending time thinking about the reasons for and against it. There are reasons why people might want to stay together, and there are also reasons why ending a marriage may be the best option in certain cases.

Learning about divorce from celebrity splits

Even though celebrity couples who are divorcing may have more complicated financial situations than most, New Jersey couples who are facing the end of a marriage could still learn a few things from them. For example, one contentious issue in celebrity breakups may be rights to intellectual property. This came up in the divorce of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. However, people who are not celebrities may also own or have an interest in copyrights, patents and other types of intellectual property, and it is good to be aware that these might be included in a divorce settlement.

New Jersey couples who divorce need to plan retirement too

Those who decide to divorce their spouses after they reach the age of 50 may find it wise to focus on their retirement. Studies indicate that the divorce rate is rising in this age group, and the unique circumstances of older individuals could make them more susceptible to financial woes. They are advised to take another look at any estate planning documents they have created as they are preparing to end their marriage.

How understanding finances can improve a divorce settlement

People in New Jersey who are ending their marriage may be overwhelmed by the process and wait until after the divorce to try to get their finances in order, but this can be a mistake. By then, the damage may have been done by poor decisions related to the divorce settlement. By working with a financial adviser in the early stages, people can get a better understanding of their finances and make better decisions.

Statistics for marital status by age

Single and married individuals in New Jersey might be interested to learn about the marital status of people based on their age. The statistical categories are divided into never married, in their first marriage, widowed, separated, divorced and married more than once. The data is based on a 2013 individual census that was a part of the Integrated Public Microdata Sample project run by the Minnesota Population Center.

Financial protection during a divorce

Life after a divorce will be different than before the split, but it doesn't necessarily have to be scary. Even though finances will be affected, if certain steps are taken and prudent decisions are made during the negotiations, restarting life after the break-up of the marriage will hopefully mean that the person is not starting financially from scratch. New Jersey residents who are considering a divorce might be interested in learning about the things they can do to protect themselves financially.

How to help children through a divorce

No matter how well estranged New Jersey parents handle their divorce, their children involved may feel shocked, hurt, angry and betrayed. They may have many questions and worries, but experts say parents can do a lot to ease their transition by reassuring them of a few important things.

Some facts about prenuptial agreements

New Jersey residents who are planning to marry soon might be curious about the possibility of a prenuptial agreement but might not know where to start looking for information. This is the result of the stigma and misconceptions that often still accompany them, including that they are only for wealthy people and are not romantic. However, many experts believe that talking about such an agreement openly, even if the couple decides in the end not to enter into one, might actually be good for the relationship.

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