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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Is the value of your business stock divisible in divorce?

For some divorcing spouses, dividing marital property is the last thing they want to think about. In other cases, deciding who should get what is the first issue people address. New Jersey business owners may have questions about how their stock in a company might be divided in a divorce settlement. It is important in these cases to remember that state law presumes that marital property should be divided equitably.

Divorce and taxes: Getting a clear picture

While love and affection are typically major factors in a couple's decision to wed, marriage is at base a legal agreement, and this fact is most obvious in matters of taxes and divorce. According to New Jersey law, marital property is subject to equitable distribution upon divorce. However, as we've said before, equitable distribution does not necessarily mean that the property will be split equally between the spouses.

Financial threats common in divorce

While some divorcing spouses can reach an amicable split, many other divorces are characterized by conflict and deep emotional upheaval. Threats are not uncommon in these cases, and husbands and wives who have been physically threatened by their spouses should get out of the situation as quickly as possible and seek help.

1 in 10 respondents say spouses, partners are financial bullies

Spouses who can't get along sometimes take their frustrations out in unexpected ways. Unfortunately, unhappy marriages too often lead to physical and verbal abuse, and New Jersey spouses faced with this sort of situation need to be aware of their legal options.

Are you aware of all of your marital property?

When a couple gets married, their individual personalities and interests often lead them to take on separate duties in the relationship. Maybe one spouse handles most of the cooking and household maintenance, while the other spouse transports the kids to and from school and handles the financial matters such as investments and bank accounts.

Child custody: What's in a name?

It's an old question, but in one form or another, it's a question that expectant parents ask every day: what's in a name? Most parents take the naming of their child very seriously, and sometimes disputes arise over what a minor child's name should be after the parents divorce or separate.

The waters of marital separation could be deeper than you think

You may know some spouses who have taken this route: their marriage is on the rocks; they've drifted apart; they find it's easier to handle job and family obligations if they simply separate. On the surface, it makes sense, but living apart for too long without a finalized divorce can cause problems down the road.

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