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Early planning helps post-divorce finances

Picking out wedding rings and signing divorce documents may seem worlds apart to many New Jersey citizens, but high divorce rates are leading many to consider divorce planning right alongside wedding planning. While some consider it cynical, pragmatic couples who want to protect assets from divorce litigation see such planning as a type of insurance they plan on never using.

Reason to avoid revenge in divorce proceedings

The end of a marriage can be an emotional experience for many New Jersey couples, and these emotions could spill over when they are trying to reach a settlement. However, it is important that people do not see negotiations or litigation as a way to get revenge for a number of reasons.

How taxes may be impacted by a divorce

New Jersey couples may have a lot to deal with in the aftermath of a divorce. However, it is important to stay focused on what a divorce may do to how a person files his or her tax return. For those who finalized their divorce prior to the end of 2017, it may be necessary to file single. Those who did not finalize their divorce in 2017 may still choose to file a joint return.

How myths about marriage can be damaging

There are several common myths about marriage that can be damaging to couples in New Jersey. For example, some people might believe that they possess personality flaws that will ruin the relationship. However, it is not personality flaws that are the issue but how the couple handles them that will affect the marriage.

Contempt toward partner biggest warning sign of divorce

Communication patterns between couples in New Jersey and around the country can predict the likelihood of divorce according to Dr. John Gottman, the author of "Why Marriages Succeed or Fail". His research involved observing thousands of couples engage in arguments in a laboratory setting. He identified the most toxic communication traits as criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling and contempt, with contempt being the most destructive to a relationship.

Why January is a popular month for divorce

Couples in New Jersey and throughout the country may not want to get divorced during the holidays. This may be especially true if they have kids and want to spend one more Christmas as a single family unit. Those without children may also loathe the idea of spending the holidays by themselves. In some cases, people may be less likely to divorce during the holidays because the Christmas season inspires hope that a marriage can be salvaged.

Credit tips for people headed to divorce court

The short-term financial effects of separation and divorce are obvious. Spouses must learn to pay their bills with less income and may have to make sacrifices to make ends meet. However, there are long-term effects divorcing couples in New Jersey may not consider as they plan to live their futures apart.

Studies find expanding stepfamilies after divorce

In many cases, divorce may eventually lead to bigger families. As people divorce and remarry, families might expand through the addition of stepchildren, stepsiblings and stepparents. A study carried out by researchers at the University of Massachusetts found that in households with an adult younger than 55 at the head, nearly a third have a stepparent. Around one-third of couples older than 55 who have adult children have a stepchild.

Dealing with parental alienation

Some New Jersey parents who are divorced from a person with a narcissistic or borderline personality disorder might need to watch for signs of parental alienation. This can happen in any kind of custody arrangement, and it involves one parent influencing how a child behaves toward the other parent.

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