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Reasonable spousal demands in divorce

Although divorce can be stressful, there are ways that New Jersey couples can successfully work through the process. In order to minimize contentious attitudes, couples should take a fair approach to splitting assets. One of the biggest decisions is often who gets to keep the family home. This will involve considering whether both partners worked and split parenting duties.

Experts say Jolie, Pitt likely had prenuptial agreement

People in New Jersey who are fans of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie may have heard that the two have split after a dozen years together. They have only been married since 2014, but experts say they probably had a prenuptial agreement. Both have been married before, and they had considerable earnings before and during their marriage.

The treatment of college funds in a divorce

New Jersey parents who are going through the process of divorce often find that the road is a rocky one, even when the split is amicable. As one household is split in two, divorcing couples must work to divide assets in a fair manner, which includes everything from the family home and vehicles to savings accounts and college funds.

Dividing retirement accounts for older divorcing couples

The rate of divorce for older spouses in New Jersey and throughout the country has gone up considerably over the past few decades. According to the National Center for Family & Marriage, the divorce rate for individuals age 50 and over has doubled between 1990 and 2014. For couples over age 65, the rate tripled during that time period.

Ways to reduce stress for children during divorce

Many people in New Jersey understand that hurt feelings and outright anger often accompany divorce. When families are involved, the parents should try to limit the amount of stress placed upon their children. The transition to a new family life will be difficult, but divorced parents can choose to reduce conflict, care for themselves and prevent unnecessary disruptions to the daily lives of their kids.

Divorce filings rise in August and March, study finds

New Jersey couples who are considering ending their marriages may be interested to learn that August and March are the peak time for divorce filings. The study that identified this pattern in Washington state was scheduled to be presented at the Meeting of the American Sociological Association.

How to divide property in a divorce

When a New Jersey resident's spouse asks for a divorce, it can trigger a bevy of emotions as well as create a lot of questions. For instance, it may not be clear who gets the marital home or money in a bank account. It may also not be clear how to pay for the house or how to split the proceeds if it is sold.

Flexible co-parenting

When parents in New Jersey divorce, one of the most common concerns is parenting time. Even when a couple has joint legal custody, they must still make decisions about the time that the children spend with each parent. When parents are mutually concerned about the best interests of their children, making decisions about visitation typically takes into consideration the needs of all parties involved.

Divorce more likely if the husband is unemployed

It is often hard to predict why some married couples stay together while others decide to divorce. However, a recent study is helping to shed a little light on what makes a marriage more likely to last. New Jersey residents might be interested in knowing that men without jobs may fare worse in marriages than those with full-time jobs.

Paying attention to a divorce settlement agreement

While the need to quickly dissolve a broken marriage is understandable, both parties should carefully consider what goes into their divorce settlement agreement. New Jersey couples might often need to think about and refer to this agreement when dealing with a former spouse for reasons related to children, real estate or business.

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